The Most Important Social Network is Here!

Neighbor.Watch is the most important social network. Share your photos, videos, and descriptions with about suspicious activity of events in your community. Neighbors always watching for SuspX and being alert makes us all safer.


Why Join Neighbor Watch?

Share security camera or cellphone photos, doorbell videos, and descriptions with neighbors about suspicious activity or events in your community. Neighbors always watching for SuspX and being alert makes neighborhoods and communities safer.

Meet New People in the Neighborhood

Meeting new people in your neighborhood is a great way to network and make new contacts. Neighbors can check on your home when you’re away, grab that unexpected package delivery on your porch so thieves don’t steal it, and maybe they’ll even pick up your newspaper from the driveway so people don’t think you’re not home.

The Best Neighborhood Watch Community

No neighborhood watch community comes close to Neighbor.Watch! We know what it takes to ensure members can safely share vital information in a timely manner with each other.

Release the Power of the Community

Who knows your neighborhood better than you do? You know your neighbors, you have friends there, and you are familiar with people as they come and go. When you’re alert and keep an eye on each other you release the power of the community through crowd-sourced cooperation like never before. It’s free to join, so sign up today!


Community Reviews

Take a look at our Neighbor.Watch community reviews, so you can see how our social network is a benefit to join!

Ashley Smith

Amazing Community

I joined Neighbor.Watch and I really wasn't sure what to expect from the service. I discovered that the people are friendly, helpful, and I get vital information about suspicious activity in my community.

Ashley Smith
Palo Alto, CA
Jack Spencer

This is the Best Social Network ever!

Neighbor.Watch is a high-tech way to to stay in touch neighbors and stay up-to-date with events happening in my neighborhood. My neighborhood network offers me a place to share photos and videos of suspicious activity. Neighbor.Watch makes us safer.

Jack Spencer
San Francisco, CA
Nick Nelson

Incredible Design!

Neighbor.Watch created an amazing social network, with an incredible design. You can create your own Neighborhood Watch community and share pertinent information so next door neighbors and friends stay in the loop.

Nick Nelson
Los Angeles, CA

Create Your Neighbor Watch Network!

Neighbor.Watch provides users with a unique online experience. It’s free and simple to sign up and start making your community safer for everyone!

  • Build your profile in just minutes, it’s that simple!
  • Unlimited messaging with the best interface.

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